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Mosaic tiles, which one is your home?

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1. Crystal glass mosaic tile
Advantages: high hardness, acid and alkali resistance, no radioactive elements, crystal clear, beautiful, under different light, there are various visual effects, full of three-dimensional feeling.
Disadvantages: the shortcomings of different size performance are different, such as 4mm gloss is not enough, it is easy to break, easy to fall off; 8mm is relatively heavy, the price is twice as expensive as 4mm; 10mm gloss is very good, but not easy to big Range used.
2. Stainless steel mosaic tile (stainless steel piece + bottom ceramic particle + back net)
Advantages: low cost of stainless steel plate, low price in product price; wear-resistant, ground decoration.
Disadvantages: single color, mostly gold and silver, stainless steel skin, ceramic granules, back mesh paste, the particles are easy to peel off, heavier, the installation needs to brush mud joints.
3. Aluminum-plastic panel mosaic tile (aluminum plastic particle + sponge adhesive)
Advantages: rich in color, surface technology has drawing, flashing, picture, mirror, stone, wood grain, etc.; color and gloss are consistent, the particles and sponge adhesive directly paste, the project is simple, direct paste, no need to grout.
Disadvantages: the surface is a resin protective layer, can not be used as a floor tile; the price is high-end.
4. Aluminum alloy mosaic tile (aluminum alloy particles + back mesh)
Advantages: All aluminum particles, guaranteed strength, secondary processing, laser, phantom, spinning and other effects; wear-resistant, ground decoration.
Disadvantages: single color, no picture or other material effects, surface technology limited to drawing or mirror surface; heavier, installation requires brushing and caulking. The price is high.
5. Marble mosaic
Advantages: The natural marble has a variety of textures and a strong decorative effect. Its color and variety are extremely rich, and can be organically combined into different styles by different colors.
Disadvantages: Marble mosaic tiles are a variety of mosaic tiles in the medium term development, but they are rich in acid and alkali resistance and poor in water resistance.
6. Metal mosaic
Advantages: high hardness, strength, gloss retention, glazing, modern style to create a sense of sci-fi rich, suitable for modern and post-modern home decoration.
Disadvantages: Relatively speaking, the color of metal mosaic tiles is darker than traditional mosaic tiles.
7. Shell mosaic
Advantages: The shell mosaic is smooth and closer to nature. Natural shells are made by cutting, planing, special process dyeing and smashing, which is very environmentally friendly.
Disadvantages: Generally, it is a glass product, which is easily broken during the decoration process.
8. Ceramic mosaic
Advantages: Ceramic mosaic is the most traditional mosaic tile, known for its small size, waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant and easy to clean.
Disadvantages: But it is more monotonous, the grade is also low, but the plasticity is not strong, mostly used for exterior walls and kitchen and bathroom.


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