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Crystal mosaic needs to know before buying

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The crystal mosaic is colorful, waterproof, and has a variety of combinations, which can bring different styles to the bathroom.
Nowadays it has become the first choice for many people to decorate the bathroom. Consumers must first grasp the overall style of the home before choosing a tile.

    The bathroom is a feeling of relaxation, quietness and release, so when choosing a crystal mosaic, the color should not be too glamorous, not too strong, otherwise it will bring emotional fluctuations and depression.
Therefore, it is recommended to lay a mosaic tile in the bathroom should choose a calm and peaceful color, the color should also have the main time, to avoid the large contrast of strong contrast color arrangement.
    Then, consumers who pay great attention to style can choose to mix the crystal mosaics in multiple colors, and they can paste their favorite background patterns in the bathroom.
There is also the size of the bathroom, transparency determines the choice of mosaic color. Larger bathrooms are ideal for choosing majestic mosaic tiles.
Striped mosaics such as waterfalls are ideal for bathrooms with bright spaces.

    For smaller bathroom spaces, choose a light color scheme as much as possible to avoid overcrowding in the bathroom.
At the same time, the choice of small patterns can also add some aura to small bathrooms, to make up for the weakness of ventilation and lighting in small bathrooms.
    In addition to the color selection and style, the decorative mosaic can not ignore whether the crystal mosaic color can be harmonious with the bathroom.
The dark-series Marseille bathroom space should be complemented by a light, easy-to-use bathroom.
For example, it can be matched with white bathroom products. The color of the jewelry can be relatively jumped, which can increase the lively and agile atmosphere in the room.


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